Sunday, February 10, 2019

Red Fox on the Hunt

Red Fox hunting rodents under the snow

Watching this Red fox hunting for rodents was very interesting and entertaining  moving his head from side to side, listing to the rodents movements under the snow (about 2 feet deep) and then jumping up and nose diving into the snow and catching it. 

Fox jumping
     The Jump                           

Fox diving into the snow
The Dive

Fox and his pray
The prize

Monday, January 14, 2019

Mountain Lion at my door

Mountain Lion visit

Sunday afternoon visit from a mountain lion near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 
We get Foxes, Coyotes, elk even Moose drop in from time to time to say Hi, but this is a first considering the open ground that is around us.
Thanks to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife for picking him/her up and relocating.  

Mountain Lion
Mountain lion in the shadows

Mountain lion outside the door
Not a happy kitty

Mountain lion walking passed the window
Mountain lion walking passed the window

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Water Drop Photography

Waterdrop Photography

I have started to do a little bit of splash photography in my spare time, Once you have the setup that you like, Backdrops, water value, Pluto trigger, and a flash, Camera and lens. using deferent food colors and water thickness, liquid additives like Xanthan Gum (found on Amazon) Milk, Rise aid and the list goes on.

waterdrop photography
Water drop Cocktails

This process can be very addictive, using 1 drop to start, then 2 drops to start getting the collisions going, adding a 3 drop makes things interesting.

2 drop heads, waterdrop photography
Two drop Heads
Watching the small screen on the camera to see what you getting after every shot and before you know it you have a total photo count of over 400.

Double crown, waterdrop photography
Double Crown
Editing was done in Lightroom and/or Luminar

Monday, July 3, 2017

Bald Eagles around Steamboat Springs, CO

We are lucky to live a place were you can see these eagles on a daily basis, flying over head, fishing out of the Yampa river or nearby ponds that have been stocked.

Bald Eagle,Steamboat Springs,Colorado
Doing his morning fly by

Bald Eagle Colorado

Resting after fishing

Winter time
Bald eagle, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

One of the 2 local Bald eagle that are here all year round

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Chicago, Illinois

I had to spend the day in Chicago in March this year and was surprise how much I enjoyed walking around this big city, it was a windy and cold day, coffee shops were on me list of stops to warm up and watch people go about their business (people watching should be a sport) 

Downtown Chicago Illinois
Down town Chicago 
Hire bike stations seem to be everywhere 
face on the wall, Chicago
Face on Wall
Walkway under the road that ended up at the beach

Taco lined up in Downtown Chicago
Taco trucks, downtown Chicago

Something that I enjoy very much, Tacos, also check out the Tattoo show at the Field Museum  (must see) to the end of April 2017.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Night Skiing in Steamboat Springs - Colorado
Night Skiing in Steamboat Springs and Down Town - Colorado

Trout feeding on the Yampa river
Trout rising for an insect

Summer and Winter time in Steamboat Springs makes a great destination for the fly fisherman with the Yampa river running through town with easy access, or you can get one of the local guides to take you to some of the private sections of the river. Ice fishing can be done on Stage Coach Reservoir.  For the none fisher person lots of hikes close by.

Ballooning in Steamboat Springs
Early morning Balloon ride over Steamboat

fog coming in over Steamboat Springs
Early morning fog rolling over Steamboat Springs

In the winter season skiing and snow boarding are the main sports going on in town, with the ski field and lifts just a short ride up the road on local transport, or stay at one of the many condos that are on the hill. Great restaurants and Bars can also be found in town, sushi to pub food.   

snow shoes
Don't ski, go cross country snow shoeing